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 Unlike the rest of the world, mornings in Vietnam generally start with a dark, thick concoction which is often compared with an almost burnt cake. You must be wondering what we are talking of. Well, let us clear your confusion. The thick, dark concoction is Vietnamese coffee. But you might now ask why do it’s referred to as Vietnamese coffee and not simply coffee. The answer to that question will be the difference between the type of coffee consumed in Vietnam and the rest of the world. 


Being one of the leading exporters of coffee globally, Vietnam primarily exports robusta coffee, a variety exclusively farmed in the country. Vietnamese Robusta coffee has its beginning as a blend for instant coffee and has come a long way. It has successfully turned heads globally, emerging as a specialty coffee.  Robusta coffee beans are easier and cheaper to produce and packs more caffeine than any other variety of coffee beans, adding a  layer of crema to the drink.

Source- TheCapheVietnam


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